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Vinyl Wrap

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Welcome to Ceramic Pro Champaign, your premier destination for outstanding vinyl wrap services in Champaign, IL. We specialize in offering a variety of vinyl wrapping solutions for custom requirements. Whether you want to add a unique touch to your vehicle or completely alter its look, we’re here to help!

At our facility, we prioritize expertise, top-quality materials, and complete customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that every vinyl wrap is applied with precision, producing results that consistently exceed expectations.

Join us in transforming your vehicles into stunning showcases of vinyl wrapping artistry.

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Custom Vinyl Wraps

Indulge in creative self-expression with our custom wraps, where the possibilities are limitless. Revamp your vehicle or business with stunning colors, textures, and finishes. Our wraps embody your personality and style, offering color change wraps, chrome deletes, decals, signage banners, and business logo wraps. Choose from various options to express your unique style and personality and stand out with a vehicle that turns heads and sparks conversations wherever you go. Our expert team of wrap artists is passionate about pushing the boundaries of vinyl wrapping to create art on wheels, using premium materials to ensure long-lasting vibrancy and leaving a lasting impression on the road. We believe in capturing your individuality or brand message with captivating wraps that speak volumes about your creativity.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrap


Elevate your vehicle’s appearance to new heights with our extensive range of vinyl wrap options. Choose from a captivating selection of colors, finishes, and designs, allowing you to unleash your creativity and make your car a true reflection of your unique style and personality. 


Shield your car’s original paintwork from the hazards of the road and the elements. The durable vinyl wrap acts as a protective barrier, guarding against minor scratches, swirl marks, fading caused by UV rays, and other potential damages, ensuring that your vehicle stays looking fresh and pristine for years to come.

Resale Value

By preserving the integrity of your vehicle’s original paint, a vinyl wrap helps maintain its showroom-like condition. This attention to detail can significantly enhance the resale value of your car, making it more appealing to potential buyers and potentially commanding a higher price in the market.


Enjoy the flexibility of modifying or removing your vinyl wrap whenever desired without any adverse effects on the underlying paint. Whether you’re seeking a new look or returning your car to its original state, the process is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to adapt your vehicle’s appearance as your preferences evolve.

Temporary Transformation

Embrace the versatility of vinyl wrap as a temporary customization solution. Unlike a permanent paint job, a vinyl wrap can be easily changed or updated. This means you can experiment with different colors, finishes, or designs, tailoring your vehicle’s aesthetics to suit various occasions or personal preferences without the long-term commitment.


Achieve a stunning transformation for your vehicle without breaking the bank. Vinyl wraps offer an affordable alternative to a full paint job, allowing you to refresh your car’s look and stand out from the crowd at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy the benefits of a brand-new appearance without compromising your budget.

Swift Installation

Experience minimal downtime during the installation process, thanks to the expertise of professional installers. With their knowledge and skill, they can efficiently apply the vinyl wrap to your vehicle, ensuring a precise fit and a seamless, high-quality result. You’ll be back on the road, turning heads with your enhanced vehicle, in no time.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl wrap goes beyond aesthetics by acting as a durable shield against the rigors of daily driving. It forms a protective barrier that guards your vehicle’s original paint from unsightly stone chips, road debris, and other minor damages that can occur on the road. By adding this extra layer of defense, vinyl wrap helps maintain the factory finish and keeps your car looking fresh and pristine.
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